Northern Territory Branch

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The NT Branch is an advocate for public health, research and mutual support group, and our small size and vast distances require collaboration and partnership with other organisations to leverage outcomes.

Main Objectives:


  • Aboriginal health: to support Aboriginal community-controlled health organisations to deliver Comprehensive Primary Health Care. All health campaigns, policy and initiatives should consider impacts to the Aboriginal population.
  • Climate warming: to advocate for the NT government and the health sector to reduce waste and carbon emissions and protect the environment so that it supports human health
  • Alcohol: to reduce NT alcohol consumption and harm to the national average
  • Road safety: to improve road safety in the NT so road trauma is reduced to levels of other Australian jurisdictions
  • Oral health: to promote better oral health through better eating, education, outreach dental services and the fluoridation of water, particularly in remote communities.
  • Nuclear Industry: to minimise harm from the nuclear industry and its legacy in NT
  • Sexual and Reproductive health: to promote services consistent with human rights in NT


Spokesperson: Rosalie Schultz

E: [email protected]

Rosalie has broad interest and passion for public health and environmental justice. She has medical background and specialty training in general practice and public health medicine.


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