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The Victorian Branch of the PHAA is committed to advocating for strong public health policies in Victoria, providing opportunities to members, and strengthening links with partner organisations. This is achieved through policy submissions, government advocacy, member seminars and networking events, and providing scholarships to public health conferences.
Please take some time to explore below who is on the PHAA Victorian Branch committee and what the branch has been doing in Victoria.


VIC Branch strategic plan includes members events, strengthen links with other organisations, grow our members, award scholarships, policy and advocacy, and communicate with members.


How to get involved

The Victorian Branch Committee is made up of volunteers, and welcomes new members to our team to further public health in Victoria. We aim to have a broad range of experience and interest areas on the committee. There are many ways you can be involved with the Victorian Branch, here are some options:

  • Attend a Victorian Branch event (look out for these in the Pump Newsletter, emails or the website)
  • Attend our Victorian Branch Annual General Meeting to hear what we have achieved at the end of the year, and get involved in the committee for the next year
  • Engage with us on our biennial member survey to inform our priorities and activities
  • Contact us at [email protected] for more information or to get involved

Our Facebook group is a place to facilitate social connection and professional learning among the public health community in Victoria. Search Facebook for 'Public Health Professionals Victoria PHAA' for more information or to request to join.



VIC PHAA Branch Committee:

The PHAA Victorian Branch committee meets monthly to discuss current public health issues, policy submissions and advocacy work and to plan events which strengthen links with other organisations and Victorian members. All committee members are volunteers.

 President: Mariam Hachem

 E: [email protected]

Mariam is a public health professional working as a Clinical Trial Manager at the University of Melbourne, Austin Health in diabetes research and clinical trials. She completed her Masters of Public Health at the University of Melbourne in 2021. She has a specific interest in diabetes in Indigenous communities, emergency and humanitarian health, health equity and health systems in Australia and globally.



Secretary: Kylie Martin

Treasurer: Birgit Beisner

Committee members:  Jade Northcott, Mandy Truong, Natasha Lourenço, Siân Slade, Jayde Cesarec

Co-opted members: Bronwyn Carter, Anna Nicholson, Sharon Clifford, Rodger Paul, Atousa Ghahramani, Madeleine Turton-Peet, Beth Davidson, Adyya Gupta, Bhavi Ravindran, Misha Coleman, Pete Venticich, Kevin Mao, Angela Taft, Jane Oliver.


Focus on Five Prevention campaign

PHAA Victoria Branch is engaging stakeholders to highlight the impact of public health and advocate for greater resourcing for public health, as part of a wider review of health investment. As part of this work, PHAA Victoria Branch has launched the Focus on Five Prevention Campaign to advocate for increased prevention funding to 5% of Victorian government health expenditure by the year 2032. For more information, please see this summary document.

Victorian Branch Prevention Campaign Members:
  • Anna Nicholson
  • Bronwyn Carter
  • Kylie Martin
  • Birgit Beisner
  • Siân Slade
  • Natasha Lourenço
  • Jared Talavera
  • Jenny Care
  • Kate Pallister
  • Atousa Ghahramani


PHAA Victoria 2022-23 State Budget Submission

PHAA recommends three core areas for investment, these areas are cost–effective and will deliver the greatest possible health impact in reducing illness, disability, and premature death. A focus on these areas will also create long-term economic vitality for the state.

  • Invest in Local Public Health Units - establish a long-term financial commitment to the Local Public Health Units, as well as fulfil their remit from COVID-19 management and control to include preventive health
  • Invest in preventive health - increase the preventive health investment to five per cent of the total annual health expenditure
  • Invest in a public health workforce – continue to invest and expand the Victorian Public Health Training Scheme


Victorian Branch Advisory Committee

This committee aims to ensure that extensive public health and corporate knowledge from local public health leaders is informing the Branch’s strategic directions and advocacy initiatives.

Current Advisory Committee Members:
  • Charles Livingstone
  • Helen Keleher
  • Jane Martin
  • Rob Moodie

Future Mental Health priorities and strategies panel discussion

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified mental health related symptoms and conditions among many people across the community. Many have experienced anxiety, stress and isolation during this period which will likely have far-reaching impacts into the future.

The PHAA Victoria Branch hosted a panel discussion on future mental health priorities and discuss the strategies that are needed in the short and long term.

Speakers included:

  • Dr Stephen Carbone - CEO, Prevention United
  • Ms Steph Darling - State Manager Vic/SA, batyr
  • Dr Rae Bonney - Workplace mental health consultant and Men's health advocate

Panel discussion recording

Public Health and Health Promotion Careers Night 2021 survey

Public Health and Health Promotion Careers Night 2021 recording


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